Friday, December 14, 2007


I'm awkward.

I laugh at myself, because I'm hillarious.
I'm too nice for my own good.
I love meeting new people.
btw, my self-esteem really low :P
so I dont meet ppl in short term~

luv u all,

Brain malfunction

Once upon a time, there was a sun shiny day. The birds were singing. The cute, furry, bunnies were hopping. Everything was peaceful and happy. Then I popped out of my mommies wet, bleeding cunt! I know what you must be thinking. “WTF?”. But don’t worry. I’m really nice. and I have candy in my van. Want some? Who the fuck is FAZLITH? It’s a simple but complex subject to speak of. I’m obviously intriguing enough for you to be reading this. And let me just whisper a secret in your ear. “MY CLIQUE AND I ARE ONLY THIS PERFECT BECAUSE WE DO OUR OWN PLASTIC SURGERY
It just a story.


Incase you haven't picked up, I am that person that "Truly doesn't Give a SHIT." There are many who claim to be that person, but very few will step up to the plate. Opinions are like ASSHOLES, and if you aren't using a watermelon douche I could give a fuck and a twinkie what you think.
For every person who HATES me there are hundreds who love me. So keep on hating, cause I'm at a MILLION at this pt.

sket2 bout myself..

I guess I should start this by saying that I am a real bitch and I couldn't care less if you get offended by what I say or think.My beliefs are none and I don't expect anybody to be like me or even to like me, just don't fill me up with your constant bullshit and society values, I'm way over that.

I'm loud
I'm bubbly
I love crowded places
I love loud people and talkative and nor nerdy<3
I love bubbly people very3 much!
I'm very independent
I'm very ambitious
I like starting sentences with I will (just hope) ;D
I love going to starbucks to sit on those big comfy couches and ice blended..

shopping kat ou..

ble tah aku g ou?..hari rabu or slasa la cenggitu aku pegi beli baju renoma, topman dgn wallet quiksilver n kasut sakan haritu walaupun boring gak la..

msti org kat kedai2 tu igt i x de duit..haha..yela kan kenit lg..jln2 nak pegi kat topman jumpe patung christmas yg sgt cute...cute x??
ade byk pic tp mls la nak ltak.. k la..aku mls nak tulis pnjang2 nnt org x bce mbazir plak tenaga aku tulis..k bye

hbs dah skola..

besh gle dh hbs skola..x payah nak pakai uniform yg sgt x besh!
tgk al pic last day..haha..sgt happening. tgk la pic neh! tp nnt rindu la kwn2 lama x jumpa..
pakat2 wat hal msg2..isk..isk..isk..