Saturday, October 18, 2008

Long time no post

long time tak post;
busy lahh. assignment ya Rabbi hanya Tuhan je yg tau. dh la nak kena memerah otak nak memikio. aku cuak gile eko. haha
dh la aku mls nak type pepanjang. byeee

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Haircut and Out-

Hols la aku nak post any news byk2; ahaha. u know kat PTAR internet die very the low class cabaret. da la kena bwk cable bsds very the slow. kdg2 plak ta da plug utk aku charge my lappie x)
huhu- ta pa la weii aku cont'd my story.....

on bile tah tuesday kowt; aku pg2 tu text ar my ex schoolmate mira izni her name.
-weii ko kat ner?
-sunway carnivall mall
-dgn sape?
-mimi, fattra, nabila and cousin nabila
-waa dtg la kat aku, aku kat starbucks

die reply so jer. perasan hott. baik geng2 paris hilton kat puncak lg hott. very the pukimak hanjeng- aku panas ar beb. tp x la panas sgt coz time tu aku tgh minum java chip frapuccino smbil menghisap SKL. haha ta pa2 nnt aku jumpa dorg aku wat2 ta kenal. tp lps g starbucks, aku g la kedai jam- ada la satu jam tu weii ck kot- 600 hinggit very the gorgeous llooh :) ta mampu nak beli baik aku shopping bj topshop byk2.

aku pun mencari salon. potong2 rambut the result damn so satified. agak mcm yg aku mao. mcm mohawk sket2 ar. ahaha kwn aku ckp ta sesuai sbb ma face2 jambu yg manis n sweet (konfem kena maki-perasan sgt) tp bior ar my hair not urs. ahaks; nak tgk keh? very the ugly2 lol.

waaa aku jumpa dgn eda, mira from gambang, jawep, galah, penyu, paan, diana.ahaks. very the tak lupa kwn. bgs2. x mcm bitch tu. sabo2- dorg pakse aku maen boling yg mmg aku ta reti and the result is aku kalah beb. siall la. then aku g beli dgn eda bj levis 2 buah as well as bj giordano.
heiii aku bkn mamat shopping but i got nothing to wear. then the day end up aku send fade away. die takut scandalicipous weii. ahak :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

sudehh sebulan :)

wei agak lame la aku x post any news dlm ma bloggie,
halo2; aku rs agak2 dah sebulan lebih aku di puncak. first day aku msk rs cambest dh ok :) even ramai x knal tp buat2 kenal je weii. hot gurls ramai gak but im not interested. ok i was dalam rumah yg adda 8 org that is 5A13. bilik aku kecik weii :[

err, after lama2 kenal housemates are fine but they kinda pemalas n pengotor. dorg makan pinggan tp x basuh very the dirty2 person. kasut (x reti susun and yg plg annoy me suka suki je letak brg ats meja aku. heii, ko igt aku x bayar yuran?? :( but rummate aku shazrul, i dunno whether die boleh cope dgn aku atau x sbb aku x suke lipat selimot. besides both of us suke sgt hntar bj ke dobi. haha very the pemalas nk basoh.

time mms bdk2 yg amek accounting was invited to be dlm dewan annex utk class differ. aku dpt classs D but students dlm kelas tu very the senyap n passive gile so aku jmpa le dgn Puan Ilmiah and dpt tukar kelas. aku msk kelas B Ya Rabbi very the bising weii; bising2 ni la bg aku motivate nk study. huhu in this class my deskmate B :) dgn ammar. but aku slalu discuss dgn B :) than ammar. eh lupe lakk class paling best class BEL Puan Shidrah~ wahh!!

my group discussion, yani-B :)-sarah-naie-ayie dorg very the cool. time discuss orait ar. time sembang wahh! dosa byk gile course mengumpat. we all suke mengumpat sir ****, a**, and y***. dunno why? dlm AFTAS pun mcm tu mengumpat f*** and student **** 2. agagaga :] nak kena insaf weii~

well, love u all. AC110 and TEKA.
anyway both rocks

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

UiTM Puncak

So, lepas bbrp lm, ive decided to rejeted the overseas program. Tp x rasa mcm regret pon sbb best sgt kat puncak tp boring. hutan jer; tlg! culik aku kemana2. Very the bosan u know;
tp agak2 apa yg bakal2 berlaku disana?

Hopefully aku dpt ANC; wahh. weii kena struggle wei aku kan nak jd the next gabenor bak negara;
:) bsds schoolmates aku ade fade n leha. leha leh la tulun aku ape2 coz my mom and hers kwn. bsds umah aku n fade dekat.

mamak plak dpt asasi sains kat uitm induk la. tensen knp la die dpt induk aku dpt puncak.
middle of nowhere. hahah- very th low class cabaret! :] ta pa aku p nak study not for enjoi2.

ta pa lah. pray for me. cont to pray lol-

Saturday, May 31, 2008

I hate this!!!

p/s:why? why?

hate2.even offered~


The Carnivall, haha. Selama setahun kami teringin utk ke sini, akhirnya hajat kesampaian juga. First time tempat ni open for public, we'll plan utk pegi but coz of SPM and tight schedule, our plan pending for a year. 1st May 2088 baru la dpt ke carnivall. ok! yg lawaknya kiteorg plan hari isnin, a week before 1st May tp tgk2 tutup, haha kami pegi jumpa gurad siap bwk seluar pendek, tuala, everything. haha. tgk2 tutup then we all end up pool umah nazrul. haha. Ok la, SMKI batch form5 2007, I just wanna tell ya, I dh ke carnivall~

For this 2 weeks I have niggling doubts about studying locally or oversea but my fucking instinct said that I should go oversea. It doesn’t matter where you are studying but what it does is your hard work in order to achieve something. I made a decision I am going to IIUM. Centre for foundation studies, economics and management science; major in accountancy *hopefully*. For your information, this fucking institution is not what I wanna go. I wanna pursue my major in UiTM. I am fucking bored during this holiday. Maybe this is the last holiday before busy schedule as a university’s student. Bhahaha, is it sounds nerd?? Ok, before this I do heard about TOSAI but I never give a try. But, look at the picture, I finished it but it is disastrous! It tastes sour and brargh! Fucking nasty. I should not eat this anymore *crossing my fingers*.uwekk!! sumpah x sedap. Mamak’s~

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Do you think you can last for an hour without talking?suuuure, but can i sing?
When was the last time you saw the first person on you top friends?Don't remember
Would you go mad without your phone and Ipod?not just mad, crazy will be
Do you own the computer you're on?yes.....
What was your last wish?being cute all the time:(
What is one thing you hear a lot?"nag, nag, nag"
Who makes your life complete?peoples around me
Who doesn't like you?Duuuh, idk
Do you miss someone?yeeees
What are you wearing?victoria's secret.ahahah
Do you like getting things from others?no :]
What is your current mood?HAHAHHAAHHAHA
Were you smiling when you woke up this morning?suuuuuuuuuure
Which is more romantic: sunrise or sunset?set.
Would you die for someone?maybe
Favorite song from your favorite band?everything - a cursive
Meaning behind your screen name?:D
Do you think there's life on other planets?eeeh
Do you live near any of your friends?nuuuh
Do you have piercings or tattoos?eh
Last thing you bought?idk
Last thing that scared you?uuuuuuuuuuuhm no
What color is your hair?ew
Do you believe in love?suuuuuuure
When do you want to get married?mhm
Do you curse a lot?more than a lot

Monday, April 14, 2008


This week I suffer slot. Wanna know? It's holy shit man. AHAHA. I'll tell ya bitch!

1.Mara interview. I hate waiting for hours and cant' shop. Straight back to fucking home after that.
2.JPJ test. I mean it. It's today.
3.Petronas interview.Really fucking ass holes! Educamp for what?
4. Mom's nag.AHAHA

um where am I??I'll check back with you all sooooon.. I bought the best new camera before we left so I'll be taking a bunch every day.



My phone keeps ringing, and beeping with text messages, while I had my lunch. what should I say? It's annoying!

I think any other day, I would've just turned my phone off and let all of it go to voicemail but my teacher called my umpteen times so, I decided to leave it on. In case of having a cell, it was an interruption for me.

Maybe I should sell my cell and change to brand new ipod touch.HAHA. btw, I dont have much credit to call, just text.



I'm more than just a double X chromosome or double Y. Maybe triple I bet. SHIT!
I consider myself an old soul in a young body; I always knew I was born in the wrong decade. I kiss no one's ass, if I don't like you, you'll know it. I lie just to make things go my way. I think I'm always right, even when I'm wrong.I cheat. I steal. I EAT. And I have a mouth like a sailor.I'm a bad influence.

Maybe I should be born on this FUCKING earth, NASA send me to big bang so that I can die there, my mom nag, my dad scold. BLAH! my friends?? they FUCKING ASSHOLES understands me.

please motivate me for my self esteem!!

Thanks for listening,

Sunday, April 13, 2008


PS. ON A SIDE NOTE.. lately I just can't stop getting new clothes!

Last month I got a dozen of t-shirt from all brands.. and today I got a shade by the amazing MY BROTHER!

He's seriously the best and I love him as a person.. pictures coming soon! I don't think I need to explain myself, but BEAUTY and TRAGIC MOMENTS in history really intrigue me.

And also, last week I got my overseas program mother thinks it was a bad idea but who fucking cares right? DO WHATEVER THE FUCK you want because you only live once and if I die tomorrow, I wanna die HAPPY. I don't wanna WISH I did something...

It doesn't matter if you're family or friends dont truely understand you. I'm ME and no one is gonna tell me I shouldn't do this or that.. & this goes for YOU have to be happy. Because who else matters in the end? And that's all I have to say..